I partner with individuals and teams that are looking for a creative, organized, reliable, and positive partner ready to assist them with a range of creative services. 

WHAT types of creative services do I offer? 

Strategy and Creative Direction
Project Management
Presentation Design
Graphic Design
Photography – Product, Portrait, Conceptual, Stock


Looking forward to hearing about what you might want to collaborate on! 

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Working with Denise is always a pleasure. She is the perfect combination of intelligence and heart. I leave every meeting feeling inspired and motivated. She truly cares about you and the success of your business.
— Shannon Briese, Owner Total Body Wellness, Denver, Colorado
Denise is a consummate creative and has 15 years experience as a professional in the creative industry. She is an entrepreneur, creative director, producer, publisher, photographer, writer, digital graphic artist, and fine artist. Her intuition and innate connection to the human spirit give her perspective that is as accurate as it is unique. Her vision inspires her drive, and her drive produces her visions. Creation is her passion as well as her profession. She has been the Art Director of several worldwide publications, received numerous industry awards, created and published the digital magazine TUSK, been featured as a creative force in several publications, and has worked closely with some of the world’s most successful agencies and companies to help them source and evaluate creative talent. Denise is also a committed philanthropist and incorporates giving back at the base level of all her endeavors. 
— Shane Faddis, Owner Land & Wire